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Title: Finale v25 Key Velocities Playback
Post by: caustin on July 04, 2018, 12:30:52 AM
I am currently working on my Macbook Pro (High Seirra 10.13.5) in Finale v25 using the 2014 templates and VDL 2.5.5.

I have always use the midi tool in my older version of Finale to scale the key velocities in a particular measure when I want to create a good crescendo. However, I am not getting the same results when I try this in my new version of finale. I do have human playback on and set to marching band but I am not sure that is making any difference. Any tips or suggestions on troubleshooting would be appreciated.

I am also having another seperate issue with TG Tools. In the past I have used smart playback to play diddles back correctly. Now when I try to use TG tools and smart playback I get an error message that says Nothing done (no Smart Shapes or Articulations found for selected Smart Playback options, or no free layers). Did I get a bad install on this or has someone else experienced this issue?

Title: Re: Finale v25 Midi Tool
Post by: caustin on July 04, 2018, 09:49:41 AM
After some time I have figured out the crescendo issue. However, now I can't change the velocity of notes with grace notes OR diddles on them. It looks as if they have been changed but they sound the same in playback. Even if I add an accent it plays back the same. If I cut human playback off then I can hear the edited key velocities in playback just fine. I am not sure about notes with the diddle slashes in them though because they wont playback correctly anyway without human playback since TG tools will not work.

Title: Re: Finale v25 Key Velocities Playback
Post by: TBoliske on July 10, 2018, 07:25:14 PM
Sorry for the delay in responding.

The diddles should playback using the marching band HP setting. You may need to make some adjustments. If I remember correctly it's a checkbox setting for note spacing on the diddles.

As far as the grace notes are concerned, you will probably need to set up a hidden layer for playback to get the grace note/diddle combination to work. This is one thing I was never able to resolve, at least quickly enough for me.

You may also need to play with the settings for the crescendo as well in HP.

Again, sorry for the delay and not not being able to provide more concrete solutions.

Title: Re: Finale v25 Key Velocities Playback
Post by: caustin on July 10, 2018, 08:01:05 PM
Ted thanks for getting back to me. In the event that my post was not clear I can get the diddles to playback as long as they are un accented. The problem seems to be with velocity. When I add an accent to a diddle OR try to increase the velocity of an un accented diddle using the midi tool I get the same low or standard velocity playback. To fix this you say I should play with adjusting the spacing of the diddles?

Title: Re: Finale v25 Key Velocities Playback
Post by: TBoliske on July 14, 2018, 10:10:23 PM
There is a check box, if I remember correctly, in HP - Marching Band that interprets diddles as 32nd notes. My first option would be to create a hidden layer and write the part out for playback rather than notation.