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Author Topic: Kontakt Player
Hugh Smith
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In the VDL Readme 7.0a PDF, on page 8, I list the various scenarios of using Kontakt Player within Sibelius. Let's see if I can cover where to get what.

Sibelius 7
I recommend using Kontakt Player 5 for use of VDL in Sibelius 7. And hopefully you're running it in 64-bit mode. If not, that's OK too. KP5 can be downloaded for free from the Native Instruments site.

Sibelius 6
Since Sib 6 won't correctly see KP5, you'll want to run Kontakt Player 4. If you're already using it, great!. If not, then you can still request it here.

Sibelius 5
If you have followed the instructions in the Readme and have updated your VDL library version to 2.5.2, then you will already be running the Kontakt Player 2 version that you'll want to be. (Due to the incompatibilities between KP4/5 and Sibelius 5, you'll have to stick with VDL 2.5.2 until you are able to run Sibelius 6 or higher.)

Hugh Smith
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