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Author Topic: Finale 2012a - cabasa
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I'm dealing with the dreaded "orangish-red noteheads" in the template.  All of my instruments have mapped just fine except for cabasa.  Here's what I've done:

-Highlighted the measure
-Selected "Change Instrument"
-Selected "Cabasa"
ctrl-k to open the score manager
-selected kontakt 4 and loaded the sample
-loaded the Perc. MIDI map for "Cabasa hi-low"
-selected the percussion layout for "VDL2.5 Cabasa hi & low"
-entered a "scratch in" and a "scratch out"

The playback is correct, but the notes show up as a C and D with the dreaded orange note  heads I mentioned earlier.  

Any ideas what step I missed?
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I check the files to verify that I didn't miss anything and get back to you with information.


Try adding the text expression for the layout change. Use the VDL MIDI Map expressions. When you see them in the dialog box they appear light or greyed out. No problems because they are meant to be invisible in the score. If you want to be able to see them as you're writing, click the Edit Categories button and then in the Category Designer box uncheck Hidden (you'll see it below the text font selections).
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