Topic: Instrument Display on Speedy Entry



I am brand new to VDL2.5 and WriteScore.  This is the problem I am having, then I will tell you specs of what I am working on...and even attached images to show set-up stuff.

I am trying to use speedy entry for the parts, but when I do it just says Custom 1-?? and not what the actual sound is, because I am looking for it to tell me what the actual playback sound is going to be as it does on the TapSpace Demystified DVD that I have.  Additionally, in the Percussion Layout Designer it just says all the Custom Tracts.  This is all seen on the WriteScore Battery Template.

Windows 7 - 64 Bit
Finale 2012c
Kontakt 5
VDL 2.5
Write Score Finale 2012 Template.

Hugh Smith

Hugh Smith