Topic: Tip: Shortcut to get to User's Library Folder-Mac


I have been reading posts and it seems that many times Mac users need to get to their User Library folder as sometimes the files for the templates are not copied from the "common" Library to the User's Library as they should. In more recent versions of OS X the User Library folder is hidden so the usual way to get there is: from the Menu at the top of your Finder screen (your desktop) select "Go To Folder" and in the box that appears type " ~/Library ". This will take you to your User Library folder.

A shortcut to get to your User Library folder is: from the Finder menu select Go. You will see a list of items.
Now press the "option" key on the computer keyboard.
You will now see your User Library folder listed under the Home icon.

Attached are 2 screenshots:
-the Go menu
-the Go menu with the "option" key depressed

I hope this helps!


Mac Book Pro, 10.8.4
Finale 2012