Topic: VDL Sus. Cym Incorrect Input Maps - Sib 7.1.3 / VDL Template 7.0a


Mac OSX 10.9.2
Sibelius 7.1.3
VDL Library 2.5.5 / VDL Soundset 7.0a / Sibelius VDL Template 7.0a
Kontakt 5.2.1
M-AUDIO KeyRig 49 MIDI Keyboard

I said 'input maps' in the title because I'm not sure how else to refer to this issue.  I probably used that phrase incorrectly.

When I add any sort of suspended cymbal instrument using the VDL Template (Zildjian 15, 18 Const, or ALL), the notes that I play on my MIDI keyboard do not correspond with the notes registering in Kontakt 5.  Also, some of the notes do not register at all.

For instance, I highlight the Sus Cym staff in Sibelius, press the pitch E3 on my MIDI keyboard, but Kontakt plays a G.  This ONLY seems to be happening with suspended cymbal staves.

I tried running some trigger tests with cymbals and I noticed the same issue.  The notes for the suspended cymbals are playing out of sequence in the trigger tests as well.  I have double checked my soundset, template, and trigger test files.  Screenshots are attached.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Take care,

Hugh Smith

Hi Chris, welcome to the forum.

If I understand what you're describing, Input Maps is the correct term. Please note that some of the input maps layouts do not completely correspond to the actual layout of the library mapping - some of the cymbals are in this category - so the SusCym E3 to G example you gave may very well be by design.

However, the TriggerTest file(s) should have everything lined up correctly to trigger in library-layout sequence (except for TenorLine stuff). And, when inputting, the note you're after should still be inserted with the correct notehead and location on staff. If that's not the case, send me the exact file(s) that exhibits this behavior. (Sent you a PM.)
Hugh Smith

Hugh Smith

Hi Chris. I was finally able to take a look at this.

On my Windows 7 machine, with Sibelius 7.1.3, the file you sent me (which appears to be just a blank copy of the template), as well as the TriggerTest Cymbal_b, worked/functioned as expected.

Are you able to make a screen recording of what you see? If you can't, then sending me more files with examples in the score of what's not working - with comments - may still be useful in helping to troubleshoot. A lot of screen shots will help too.

Would you like me to make a screen recording of what I see on my end? (I wouldn't be able to get to it until next Monday/Tuesday probably, bit I can put it into my schedule.)
Hugh Smith

Hugh Smith

Hi Chris

Just wanted to see how you were doing with this. Did adding more instances of KP5/VDL take care of the issue?
Hugh Smith