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Author Topic: Several issues with score sharing
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I'm having issues when trying to work on scores started on a different computer than mine. Hornline arrangements start on a Mac with Finale 2014, get sent to the battery arranger working on in Windows and Finale 2014, then sent to me to do front ensemble.

13" Macbook Pro, OS X 10.10.3
Finale 2012c.r13
VDL 2.5.5
Kontakt 5
Write Score template for Finale 2012 (not sure of version)

When I open up the score with wind and percussion arrangements, none of the sounds work, even though it was created with on the battery arranger's computer Write Score VDL template. When I go through and reassign all the sounds to playback correctly, only a few wind sounds playback. And this is only if Human Playback is set to "none". When set to "Standard" or "Marching Band", I get the beach ball of death and the score force closes.

Sounds playback properly when I open up a new file using the template and start from scratch, but it's incredibly inefficient.

I don't think it's an error in 2014-2012 saving compatibility, but I've been wrong before.

Thank you!
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Which version of the templates, 2012 or 2014, is the original file based upon? There are differences between them, mainly in text expressions and human playback.

It sounds as though the problem you are facing is primarily the winds not loading. This usually occurs when one of the individuals doesn't have the same sound library used for those instruments. This will also happen when switching between operating systems because of the differences between AU and VST assignments.

First verify that all of you are using the same set of sounds for the winds and that both you and the battery writer are using the same versions of VDL. Secondly, presuming all of you are using the same winds library, you will need to specify the playback device and reload the instruments. Make sure you follow the same score order and instruments. This applies to winds and battery percussion.

Check these things first, then let me know if there are still problems.
Ted Boliske

Mac OS 10.12, 10.14, 10.15, Win7, Win10
VDL2.5.5, Finale 2010-14.5, Finale 25-27
Kontakt 4-6, various other soft synths
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