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Author Topic: Music XML Question
Jeff Chambers
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Computer: 2012 15" MacBook Pro
(OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.5).
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Hello everyone and happy new year.

I am using Finale 25 (the most updated version). I had a battery file sent to me in XML format (exported from Sibelius). I import the battery file into Finale through the built in XML process (File>Import>Music XML). At this point, everything is importing correctly from a notation standpoint, but when I open up the score manager, these are the staves Finale has selected for the import:

Instrument: Unknown
Name: SnareLine~Manual LITE
Device: 1. SmartMusic SoftSynth 1
Sound: Grand Piano

Instrument: Unknown
Name: TenorLine~Manual LITE
Device: 1. SmartMusic SoftSynth 1
Sound: Grand Piano

Bass Drums
Instrument: Unknown
Name: BassLine~Manual LITE
Device: 1. SmartMusic SoftSynth 1
Sound: Grand Piano

Instrument: Unknown
Name: Cymbal Line~20in
Device: 1. SmartMusic SoftSynth 1
Sound: Grand Piano

So obviously my goal is to get all of this converted over to staves that support virtual drumline playback and notation. So the first thing I tried was changing this imported file over to the correct virtual instruments. Under Midi/Audio, I selected "Play Finale Through Audio Units". Then in Score Manager, I changed the playback device from SmartMusic SoftSynth to Kontakt 5. Then in Kontakt Player, I selected the following virtual instruments:
-Snares: SnareLine Manual LITE (MW)
-Tenors: TenorLine Manual LITE (MW)
-Basses: BassLine Manual LITE (MW KS)
-Cymbals: Cymbal Line 20in

This is where I get stuck. Obviously in order for the midi mapping to work, I now need to select the correct percussion midi maps and correct percussion notation styles. But when I open up the score manager to do so, there is no option to change the percussion midi map (because Finale has made the staves basic "blank staves" which don't have percussion midi maps or notation styles.

Can anyone help? My goal is avoiding having to manually re-enter/re-pitch the whole file.

Thank you!

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In the Score Manager, change the Notation Style to Percussion, this should allow you to set the correct percussion layout for each stave. At this point it may get a bit tricky because the VDL percussion layouts should not be visible. They are included only in the template files. You may import them by importing the VDL library file that is included within the purchased template package. Importing the library file may cause the text expressions and the percussion layouts to be duplicated.

Post back the results and we will work from there if you have any issues.
Ted Boliske

iMac i7, OS 10.8, 10.9, W7
VDL2.5.5, Finale 2010-14
Kontakt 4-5, various other soft synths
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