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Author Topic: Getting all of the hi-hat sounds to play when using VDL
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I am using VDL 7.0 with Sibelius 7.5 and am having trouble getting all of the hi-hat sounds to play.
I am entering the information from my computer (keystrokes) not a midi device and am using hi-hat manual setting and/or drumset.
When I look at the template I see hh0, hh1, hh2 etc. should give me different hi-hat sounds but so far no luck.
Please help me find how to make these hi-hat distinctions happen.

Kevin Lepper
Hugh Smith
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Hi Kevin, welcome to the forum!

Do the pertinent staves from the TriggerTest files labeled "06_VDLTriggerTest7.0a_Cymbals_a.sib" and "08_VDLTriggerTest7.0a_Drums_b.sib" play back as expected?

Also, please attach a screen shot of your Playback Configuration.
Hugh Smith
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