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Author Topic: Finale 26
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Hello, right now I am using Finale 26. I am writing parts for a halftime show. the issue I am having is it inputs the correct notes and sounds in the regular template. But when I m on a score which I import XML's because someone else is writing the horn parts it will not allow me to load the VDL library. I'm using VDL 2.5.5. The pitched instruments play but the battery will not play in kontakt it doesn't even register. I have switched the percussion midi maps many times. I also have tried to load the library and it will say "Finale Cannot read the text"which it will not load. The percussion midi maps will not register for me. All of the files are in the right place.
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Just following up here since I've also responded through the Tapspace FB page. When adding libraries to a Finale file you should import the file rather than load. Know though that doing so creates duplicates of the default Finale text expressions.

The better option is copy/paste.
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