Topic: Sibelius and VDL


I recently bought VDL and am trying to decide what software I want to use it on. I am currently on a free trial of sibelius ultimate, but haven't been able to correctly configure virtual drumline. To my knowledge, I have installed everything correctly but sibelius cannot find kontakt as an available device- there isn't even a "VSTplugins" folder for me to drag the .dll file into.

I am using kontakt 6 and VDL 2.5.

Any advice?

Hugh Smith

Hi Kyle, welcome to the forum!

1) What operating system?
2) Can I presume VDL 2.5.5?
3) You don't see Kontakt Player in your available devices list?

Hugh Smith


1. I'm on Windows 10
2. I'm not sure. The program specifies 2.5 and not 2.5.5, but I'll post a screenshot in case I'm missing something.
3. Will post another screenshot, I don't know a ton about this program.

I am also trying out kontakt 5 to see if that was the issue.

Hugh Smith

What's the exact version of Sibelius that you're using?
Hugh Smith