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Author Topic: Notes not appearing on staff - ledger lines off the staff instead
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I purchased the percussion maps for Virtual Drumline for Finale for Mac

How do I change the lines and spaces that the different notes appear on on the staff. I thought I could customize this by purchasing the percussion maps.

Everything is playing back fine - it just doesn't look right on paper. Certain notes have a million ledger lines above or below the staff.

How can I take a sound and assign it to a particular position on the staff. Please advise. I was hoping product hoping it could help me do just this. Do I not have the libraries installed correctly?  I thought the custom libraries would prevent notes from appearing a million ledger lines below or above the staff.   Any advice you give would be appreciated.

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Sorry that you're having issues with the Finale templates. To begin solving these issues, I have a couple of questions.

Have you reviewed the ReadMe document indicating where to place the supporting files (the template files, XML files, etc.)
Are you opening one of the three template files included in the package?

By using one of the template files, there will be no need to use the Finale Library file as that Library is included within the template files.
Two items need to be set for the layouts to look correct. Since you mention that playback is correct, this indicates that you have probably set the Percussion MIDI Map for each instrument. That is the first item to set. The second is the Percussion Layout. This is set from within the Score Manager using the Notation Setting -> Selecting Percussion -> selecting the appropriate Layout from the list.

Let's start here and see how things progress. Let us know if this fixes your issues or if you need additional assistance.
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