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Author Topic: Wind Gong Mapping Issues
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I am having Wind Gong mapping issues. I have included a screenshot of two simple Finale files to illustrate my issues (Correct Notation-Correct Sound Finale Files). I have also included one set of screenshots of the various Finale setup windows (the windows are the same for both files). I am using Finale VDL Template 2014, VDL 2.5.5, Finale 26, MacOS 10.14.6.

Looking at the Correct Notation example on the left of the Correct Notation-Correct Sound Finale Files screenshot - I have to play the pitches an octave lower on my MIDI keyboard to have the correct notation appear in Finale. However, there is no sound when I play back the notation, since I did not use the keys/MIDI notes the sounds are mapped to.

Looking at the Correct Sound example on the right of the Correct Notation-Correct Sound Finale Files screenshot - If I play the correct keys/MIDI notes on my MIDI keyboard, the notation is incorrect yellow note heads below the staff, but the file plays back with the correct sounds.

I believe I have everything set up correctly in both Finale files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


* Correct Notation-Correct Sound Finale Files.jpg (177.88 KB, 1680x1050 - viewed 36 times.)

* ScoreManager.jpg (60.33 KB, 768x460 - viewed 38 times.)

* Audio Units Banks & Effects.jpg (178.02 KB, 1650x818 - viewed 42 times.)

* Audio Unit Viewer.jpg (360.86 KB, 2072x1482 - viewed 34 times.)
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Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The MIDI mapping is off by an octave. It, by mistake, matches the mapping for the Sib templates.

To correct the problem follow these steps. You don't need to open a Finale file, just the Finale application.

1. Open Finale -> from the MIDI/Audio Menu select Device Setup -> then select Edit Percussion MIDI Maps

2. With the Percussion MIDI Map Editor open set the following:

Device: (select from the drop down) VDL255 Pit Cymbals Drums Gongs
Map: Wind Gongs

3. You should see a list of Note Type - MIDI Note

The Note Type matches the VDL sound names (nothing to change here)
The MIDI Note numbers are off by an octave and should be 12 steps higher. From lowest pitch to highest change them to:
59 60 62 64 65 67 69

4. To change the MIDI Note numbers hover the curser arrow over the number and click once. The Note Type should be highlighted and the MIDI Note display a blue border and the number highlighted. Enter the new MIDI Note number then repeat for each of the other sounds. Click OK AFTER you've entered all of the changes.

If you click OK before you've made all of the changes it will appear as though Finale hangs for a bit then the Percussion MIDI Map Editor closes. The changes you've made will be saved but you'll need to reopen the Editor to continue. I've learned this one the hard way.

5. That should correct the problem. If it doesn't, find the updated XML File copy it copy to the other location.

Global(Common): HD/Library/Application Support/MakeMusic/Finale 26/MIDI Device Annotation/VDL255 Pit Cymbals Drums Gongs.xml
User: HD/Users/'your user name'/Library/ -> same as the Global/Common path

Let me know if you have any problems or other questions.
Ted Boliske

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It worked! Thank you Ted!
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