Topic: Concert Band Combo


I purchase the Write Score template for VDL last summer. I am trying to use the Concert Band Combo instrument and it doesn't work correctly. It loads the Rack Combo B instrument. When I go to Instruments>Edit Instruments then select Concert Band Combo then Edit Instrument>Edit Staff Type, I can see the mapping of the instruments but the sounds are wrong and when I try to "Choose Sound", Concert Band Combo isn't even listed which means the Sound Set is wrong or missing the isntrument. Please help! I work with middle school band and this particular instrument setup is what I need.

I am on VDL 2.5.5 with Kontakt Player 6 and Sibelius Ultimate 2020

Hugh Smith

Hi, welcome to the forum!

1) Please attach a screenshot of your Playback Configuration.
2) Does the Combos TriggerTest file playback properly for those instruments? (Older videos, but watch the process here.)

I may have you send me a problem file, but let's start with the above.
Hugh Smith