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Author Topic: Myriad Mapping Problems/Issues
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I've had an ever-growing frustration with the VDL Template.
I've been using it for quite some time and I've been having consistent (and/or increasing) problems with what's in the Guide actually happening correctly in Sibelius.
Cymbal Rack Combo, Ride Cymbal - the noteheads are correct, but I'm getting Sus Cym crashes.
Cymbal Rack Combo again - I hit F5 on the keyboard to insert a Sus Cym Roll (written E5, Notehead 31) and instead I get a Finger Cymbal (not even in the map)
Tenor Drums. MIDI input for shots on low drums are giving me notes that are nowhere close to mapped correctly.

In my current project, I only have one percussion staff and something like seven instances of Kontakt running. So far there are only a half dozen patches being called up.

I checked the original file that I purchased & downloaded - I never made any edits to that document. It has the same errors.
Where am I falling short??
I'm getting to a point of like, PTSD or something. Lots of work to get done and I'm ever more frustrated the longer I work.
Hugh Smith
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Hi Ryan, welcome to the forum.

Please attach a screen shot of your Playback Configuration. We'll go from there.
Hugh Smith
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