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Author Topic: Continuing my mapping challenges...
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I posted this on the FB VDL users' Group, but bringing it here for hopefully some other insights.

A ways back I was trying to figure out why my VDL mapping in Sibelius was all fouled up - and then I realized I missed the install step of copying the XML File (from The Write Score) into the Sibelius Library folder. So I did that and all my mapping is great now.
However. 😇
My playback setup is NotePerformer for winds, VDL for percussion. Now that my XML file is in the correct spot, I'm getting the same stupid amount of lag/latency that others have complained about. My inclination is that the XML file is forcing Sibelius to unload/reload playback libraries that differ between VDL & NP.
Has anyone figured out how to solve this problem?

Adding to this...
Before I copied the XML file from TWS, I had zero lag when combining NP & VDP.

Using Dorico, I have zero lag between NP & VDL.

The problem starts with the XML file from TWS.
Hugh Smith
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In the Mixer, set the appropriate playback device for each instrument. This will help Sibelius not have to guess. Still leave the VDL patches on (Auto) though.

There isn't any reason i know of where the VDL Template SoundSet file would cause a lag. You say others have the same issue as you? Get 'em on here and let's discuss.
Hugh Smith
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