Topic: Finale 27 Percussion MIDI Mapping


I've upgraded to Finale 27 but the Percussion MIDI mapping isn't working. (I can input notation and it sounds right but looks wrong). The drop down menu under Percussion MIDI Map in Score Manager does not show the VDL options I'm used to seeing except for the "Tapspace Drumline for Finale" generic options. I'm using the latest Write Score ensemble template (2014). Any ideas? Thanks.


There are 2 parts to percussion in Finale, the MIDI Maps and the Layouts. MIDI Maps must be copied to the MIDI Device Annotation folder, location varies depending on OS. Check the ReadMe files that came with the templates for specific locations. The Layouts are built into the template files.

Because you mention that the MIDI Map column in Score Manager doesn't display the VDL options, then I'd say that is where you'd need to look. If you upgraded Finale versions then copy/paste the XML (Percussion MIDI Maps) from the previous version to the new version. Just moving them will give you the same problem but with that older version of Finale.
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