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Author Topic: HELP! Finale 2012a.1 VDL templates on Finale 2012 MAC
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I purchased the Finale 2012a.1 Templates from here for my 2012 Finale. I am not sure if there is a big enough difference to where they won't work... When I open the Template on Finale 2012, I fill out the Title, sub-title, composer information and when I'm done the score contains none of the information that I had entered, and when I go to the text option to insert these Text inputs back onto the score it won't allow me to do that.

Also, I am trying to figure out why there is a huge line on top of the template that says "Visual cue" and "Cue" throughout the score, and the numbers of the pages are all shifted upward. Then the only title i see that I input from the beginning is the one AFTER the first page at the top in small print, but even that is shifted up out off the score into the gray area.

Please someone help me.
Hugh Smith
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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Hopefully Ted will be along soon (could be on vacation)...
Hugh Smith
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Sorry for the late response. The flu and a vacation don't work well together.

1. The Visual Cue line is there to allow both music and visual designers to work together. Notes may be added by hand or input via Finale and then used as reference in either the design or rehearsal stages. If it makes your score cluttered, use the Score Manager and delete the staff.

2. Titles are added just as you described. To get them to appear in the score you will need to create a text box in the score, then insert the specific item. The reason they are greyed out is because you hadn't created the text box first. Once you create the text box and then select the type of text to be inserted, the information you originally added should appear. At this point you may move the text box and/or format the text as you choose.

3. The page numbers will need to be adjusted after you have completed the score and formatted the score page layout. Some formatting has been provided but because every score and user is unique changes and adjustments may need to be done.

I hope that helps answer your questions. I'd also suggest reviewing the Finale tutorials if this is your first experience using Finale.
Ted Boliske

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