Topic: installation on Windows 10


I'm trying to install Finale 2012a.1 templates on a new laptop with Windows 10.  I can't locate the "common" folders that I need to copy the library, xml, and template files. Can someone help me with finding locations for all the files?


The file location is by default hidden by Microsoft. Review the Read Me for the steps to make that folder visible.
Ted Boliske

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Did you ever find out how to find the hidden files on Windows 10? I am currently having the same issue. Reading the Readme file does not tell me how to get to the hidden file.


OK, I figured it out. For anyone else who may come along and need help, let me save you some time.

1. Watch this youtube video It shows you step by step how to enable hidden files on Windows 10.

2. The earlier commenter is correct... The instructions are in the readme pdf file...specifically on the bottom of page 7.

User: C:\Documents and Settings\(your account)\Application Data\MakeMusic\Finale 2014  is the for the lib. and XML file,

and the User: C:\Users\(your account)\AppData\Roaming\MakeMusic\Finale 2014 is where you put your actual templates. This is what the readme page left out.

I hope this saves you some headaches. It took me two weeks to figure this out.