Topic: Sibelius can't find VDL sounds?



I tried to follow the readme and tutorials very closely but I am not finding the VDL sounds in Sibelius.  I'm assuming I may have placed the sound file in the wrong place, but I put it in multiple places to double check and it still won't work.  I have Sibelius 2020, Kontakt 6, and VDL 2.5.  I am on a Mac running Sierra 10.12.6.  I had an earlier version of Sibelius and recently upgraded to 2020 which is why there are a few different options in my Avid folder.  I went through and did everything that the videos told me to do inside of Sibelius but when I get to the instruments window and click the "choose from" dropdown menu, it should have VDL as an option but it isn't there. 

Please help me figure out what to do next to get this to work.
Thank you!

Hugh Smith

Hi Nathan, welcome to the forum!

To get the Template-defined instruments to show up, you need to open up a copy of "VDL_Template_7.0a_(Sib7).sib" when starting a new writing project. Or, you can follow the instructions in Appendix C of the Readme to create a Manuscript Paper.
Hugh Smith